John Cullum Looks to Break the Status Quo in Washington

NEWS RELEASE - for immediate release (February 8, 2018)


John Cullum, candidate for the 39th Congressional district believes that Representatives should not be career politicians and that they need to truly represent the people. John strongly holds to the idea that being a Representative is a civic duty and that your Representative should always vote and perform governmental duties that benefit their constituents. We see too often Representatives ignoring the people and being out of touch with the average American. Rather than voting on issues that meet the needs of the people, they are too immersed in their own self-interests and special interests; ultimately loosing sight of what true leadership and representation looks like. Washington is broken in every way, too much partisanship and to many career politicians.  This country belongs to the people and John will stand and fight for them. If we want to create true change and reform for our nation, we need new leadership. This country needs new faces, new ideas, different perspectives and new blood to make Washington effective once again. You will hear of others running against Mr. Cullum for the 39th; these individuals are career politicians who have served in government for years. This congressional race is just another stepping-stone for their political careers. They don’t want to go to Washington for the people, but rather for themselves, to continue to participate in the stagnant environment of Washington that brings nothing beneficial to the American people. John wants to go to Washington and represent the people of the district and promote American values and policies, use common sense to better America!  He will stand for American values, conservative beliefs and acknowledgment that the people have the power, and that power will be demonstrated at the polls on June 5th.  John will bring forth ideals that will improve our great country.  Vote for JOHN CULLUM.


John Cullum Reaches Out to Build Church Coalition

NEWS RELEASE - for immediate release (February 7, 2018)


John Cullum, Candidate for the 39th Congressional district is a strong believer of Christian values and is looking for evangelical support in his race for Congress. John believes that it is a Christian duty to be involved in the political arena and be active in civic government. John is seeking support from churches all across the 39th Congressional District and is hoping that they can provide volunteers, endorsements, campaign donations and prayer. Mr. Cullum is a conservative and believes that the key to improving our nation is to support Christian principles and beliefs, which he will uphold in Congress. John believes that the time is now when Christians need to step up and take action in the political arena and have their voice be known. Our Nation was founded on Christian values and it is time to once again focus on those Judeo-Christian principles. With the help of local churches, John is looking forward to building a Coalition of Churches located within the district to elect a Representative who wants to improve our nation’s policies and promote the values that we hold dear. More importantly he will stand for and promote the Christian faith, which has allowed our country to become so successful and prosperous. With the help of fellow Christians we can truly change the landscape of Washington D.C. and take our nation back!

“ Our nation is not founded upon bureaucracy or government, but founded in God and family.”

John Cullum Reaches Out to Trump Administration for Support

NEWS RELEASE – for immediate release (January 11, 2018)


Today, John Cullum, candidate for the 39th Congressional District (CA), contacted the White House to seek an endorsement from the Trump Administration. John is looking to get support from the Administration in order to preserve the Republican majority in Congress during the 2018-midterm elections. He is looking forward to working with Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle and hopes to find common ground on issues facing our great country.

At a time in our country’s history when politicians are making careers out of running for office, John Cullum will make a difference and change the status quo! John also believes that serving in Congress is a civic duty, and will give power back to the people.

John was very involved in the Trump for President Campaign and led a Trump strike team from Orange County to Las Vegas, Nevada. John worked as a precinct captain and worked with other Trump Campaign volunteers to acquire votes for candidate Trump in this pivotal swing state. This was a grassroots effort to gain more support from people in Clark County and allow Donald Trump to be competitive in the state. John has proven time after time, that he has the Leadership and Experience to Make America Great Again!

The challenges our nation faces are many but I remain confident that new leadership and conservative principles can Make America Prosperous Once Again.